X-ray Microscopy Seminar and Workshop

Wednesday, March 30, 2022 @ University of Delaware

In this seminar, we invited top-level innovators and researchers in the field to learn the latest advances in X-ray microscopy, including an application of deep learning to X-ray CT image analysis and how you can apply X-ray CT to various research areas.

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1. Opening Remarks

Dr. Anshuman Razdan Associate Vice President, Research and Development | University of Delaware

2. Micro-CT Scanning with 3D Image Analysis for Porosity Studies of Historic Bricks and Archaeological Ceramic Sherds

Chandra L. Reedy (Invited speaker) Professor and Director, Center for Historic Architecture and Design | University of Delaware 

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3. Microstructural Analysis of Carbon-Carbon Composites During High-Temperature Processing

Faheem Muhammed (Student speaker) Ph.D Student | University of Delaware

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4. Deep Learning Automated Image Segmentation - No expertise required

Mike Marsh (Invited speaker) Dragonfly Product Manager | Object Research Systems 

5. Understanding the Impact of Biochar Amendment on Macropores in Soil from 3D X-Ray CT Tomography

Marcus Bowser (Student speaker) Master's Student | University of Delaware

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6. Modeling Sustained Release through Non-destructive Computed Tomography

Xutao Shi (Student speaker) Ph. D Student | University of Delaware

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7. Basics of X-ray Microscopy (Workshop Introduction)

Aya Takase (Rigaku) Head of Global Marketing Communications | Rigaku 

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