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Ask the Expert 7. Virtual Tomography – Optimizing Data Acquisition Parameters Without a CT Scanner

We invited Dr. Awen Autret, R&D Engineer from NOVITOM, and asked him questions to learn how you can simulate X‑ray images and where this technology can be useful.

Awen is a chief engineer who designed NOVITOM’s simulation program. Join us live to participate in the discussion and ask him any questions you might have about X‑ray image simulations. In this webinar, you will learn how CT images can be simulated and where they can be useful.

We asked him:

  1. Can you briefly describe how you simulate CT data?
  2. Who uses NOVITOM’s tools and how are they benefitting from the simulation capability?
  3. How can you use simulations to optimize measurement conditions?
  4. Can you use simulations to create training data for machine learning?
  5. How well do simulations and experiments match?
  6. What is the future of CT simulations?


  Download: Virtual Tomography – Optimizing Data Acquisition Parameters Without a CT Scan by Dr. Awen Autret

Guest expert: Awen Autret, Ph.D.
R&D Engineer
Director of X-ray Imaging
X-ray Imaging Account Manager

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