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Ask the Expert 6. Voxels to Mesh Data to Simulation – How to Use CT for Metrology and Simulations

We invited Roger Wende, Senior Business Development Manager from Hexagon, and asked him questions to learn how exactly the object surface was identified in CT data, how to represent the results as mesh data, and what type of advanced analyses and simulations we could run using them.

Roger has used various metrology techniques, including CT, and worked with many image analysis tools for metrology applications. In this webinar, you will learn how you can apply CT metrology to your research.

We asked him:

  1. What is ISO-50 surface determination?
  2. Would you use ISO-50 for CT-based metrology?
  3. Why would I choose triangle mesh versus CAD for a given application?
  4. How should I optimize and export the surface detection results?
  5. How do I export volume data? Where is it used?


  Download: Voxels to Mesh Data to Simulation – How to Use CT for Metrology and Simulations by Roger Wende

  • Learn more about Hexagon and their analysis tools: Hexagon
  • Connect with the guest expert, Roger Wende, on LinkedIn.
Guest expert: Roger Wende
Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, Inc.
Senior Business Development Manager – Volume Graphics
Co-presenter: Aya Takase, Ph.D.
Head of Global Marketing Communications
X-ray Imaging Account Manager

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