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Ask the Expert 4. Filtration Simulation – How to Make the R&D Cycle More Efficient

We invited Dr. Philipp Eichheimer, the Application Engineer specialized in filtration from Math2Market, and asked him questions to learn how using CT can make the research and development process of filter materials more efficient by running simulations to identify effective filter characteristics.

Philipp is an expert in 3D numerical modeling of fluid flow in various porous media, including filters. In this webinar, you will learn how you might be able to apply filtration simulations to your research.

We asked him:

  1. How is CT used in filtration applications and what are the benefits?
  2. What filter properties can you characterize using CT data and which are most important?
  3. What are the biggest challenges when using CT data to study filtration processes?
  4. How do you use CT data to model and design filters?
  5. How do you scale simulation results with media to complete filters?
  6. What is the optimization process for developing better filtration products?


  Download: Digital Rock Physics - When and How to Use It - by Dr. Arne Jacob

Math2Market GmbH
Application Engineer Filtration & Business Manager Filtration
Director of X-ray Imaging
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