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Ask the Expert 3. Digital Rock Physics – When and How to Use It

We invited Dr. Arne Jacob, the Application Engineer specialized in DRP from Math2Market, and asked him questions to learn how you can use DRP and apply the results to decision-making processes involved in oil and gas reservoir development and production.

Arne is on the DRP team at Math2Market, providing his expertise in DRP and conducting joint research with their clients. In this webinar, you will learn how you might be able to apply DRP in your field.

We asked him:

  1. Why do you need CT in the oil and gas industry?
  2. At what stage is CT used in the development and production process of oil and gas reservoirs?
  3. How do you scale the CT analysis results to guide decision-making applied to km-size reservoirs?
  4. When should we use digital rock physics and when should we use experiments?
  5. How do you correlate the simulation and experiments? 
  6. What are the challenges you see in applying digital rock physics to a practical decision-making process?
  7. What is the difference between regions that can produce oil effectively and the ones that can’t?


 Download: Digital Rock Physics - When and How to Use It - by Dr. Arne Jacob

Guest expert: Arne Jacob, Ph.D.
Math2Market GmbH
Application Engineer – Digital Rock Physics
Co-presenter: Aya Takase, Ph.D.
Head of Global Marketing Communications
X-ray Imaging Account Manager

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