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Ask the Expert 2. Advancing Drug Development with High-resolution X-ray CT - Transformation of Decision Making with Digital Assets

We invited Joshua Lomeo, the Director of Application Science from DigiM Solution, and asked him questions to learn how you can advance  pharmaceutical product development with CT analyses.

Josh is an expert in microstructure image analysis and image-based simulations for the pharmaceutical industries and has conducted many joint research projects with major pharmaceutical companies. In this webinar, you will learn how you can apply CT technology to pharmaceutical research and development.

We asked him:

  1. What types of products or samples can be investigated using CT?
  2. What development challenges can be addressed by CT?
  3. What is the typical design of an experiment when using CT data to support development?
  4. At what stage of development should we consider using CT?
  5. Are there ways that CT data can support regulatory filings?
  6. How do CT data and simulation support dissolution analysis?
Guest expert: Joshua Lomeo
DigiM Solution LLC
Director of Application Science
Director of X-ray Imaging
X-ray Imaging Account Manager

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