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Ask the Expert 1. Deep Learning Image Segmentation - Practical Knowhow

We invited Dr. Mike Marsh, the Dragonfly Product Manager from Object Research Systems, and asked him questions to learn how to use deep learning the right way and get the most out of it.

Mike is an expert in scientific image analysis and, in recent years, has given many talks about the applications of deep learning. In this webinar, you will learn how you can improve your applications of deep learning image segmentation.

We asked him:

  1. What is deep learning?

  2. When should we use deep learning for image segmentation?

  3. Which one is more important when it comes to training data – Quantity or quality?

  4. How can we use a network trained on one dataset to segment another dataset from a similar sample?

  5. How should we evaluate the quality or accuracy of a trained network?

  6. When should we consider editing the network in Dragonfly?

  7. How can we build a workstation to achieve the best performance of Dragonfly deep learning tools?


Guest expert: Mike Marsh, Ph.D.
Object Research Systems
Dragonfly Product Manager
Co-presenter: Aya Takase, Ph.D.
Head of Global Marketing Communications
X-ray Imaging Account Manager

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