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Decoding Defects: Failure Analysis Using X-ray CT 3. Functional Failure Analysis

Even if nothing is clearly broken, some parts in a product can be slightly misaligned or deteriorate in its function. These problems can eventually cause product failure. The shorting of a circuit and deteriorated battery life are examples of such functional failure.
In this episode, we will define what a functional failure is and review how you can use X-ray CT to characterize various defects that can cause diminished or loss of function. Oftentimes, a material or product will exhibit diminished or partial loss of function before it becomes inoperative. Understanding why and how these initial problems occur is as important as understanding complete failure because it helps us understand the mechanisms of failures and improve manufacturing and production processes. This episode will explore examples of functional failure analysis using X-ray CT.
Director of X-ray Imaging
Co-presenter: Ted Huang
CT Applications Scientist
X-ray Imaging Account Manager

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