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    High-performance benchtop

    Rigaku CT Lab HX is a benchtop micro CT (computed tomography) scanner. The adjustable SOD (source-to-object distance) and SDD (source-to-detector distance) make this benchtop micro CT scanner flexible. It covers from 2.1 um voxel resolution in the high-resolution mode and 200 mm FOV (field of view) in the large FOV mode. The CT Lab HX is equipped with a 130 kV - 39 W high-power X-ray source. The X-ray source settings and X-ray filters are adjustable to optimize the X-ray energy to various sample materials and sizes.

    CT Lab HX Overview

    How do I achieve high resolution?

    Rigaku CT Lab HX uses the cone-beam geometry. This geometry uses the X-ray beam divergence to magnify the sample image. The magnification factor is determined by the ratio of SOD (source-to-object distance) and SDD (source-to-detector distance). So to achieve high resolution, you can increase the SDD and/or decrease SOD. CT Lab HX has the flexibility to do them both in its compact design.

    With the long SDD and short SOD settings, you can achieve 2.1 um voxel resolution (~ 5 um spatial resolution) on the CT Lab HX. This resolution can reveal micro cracks, voids, fibers in composites, etc.


    Flexible geometry


    How do I achieve 200 mm FOV?

    The FOV (field of view) you can cover in one scan is limited by the size of the detector. However, the offset scan mode doubles the effective detector width to cover a wide FOV without having to change the detector. Rigaku CT Lab HX utilizes this scan mode to achieve 200 mm FOV without having to change the detector or compromising its compact system size.

    The 200 mm FOV enables a scan of an entire smartphone, 3D printed objects, fruits, etc.


    CT Lab HX offset-scan


    Do I need a large CT scanner to cover both high-resolution and large FOV?

    No, you don't need a large floor standing type CT scanner to cover a wide range of resolution and FOV for most samples under 200 mm in size and made of elements lighter than aluminum.

    Rigaku CT Lab HX has the flexibility to change both SOD and SDD to cover from 2.1 um to about 100 um voxel resolution. And the offset scan mode can cover 200 mm FOV.

    This flexible and compact design makes CT Lab HX an affordable research-grade micro CT scanner ideal for materials science imaging centers.


    CT Lab HX_HR_large_FOV-1

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    CT Lab HX Features

    Flexible design to cover high-resolution to large FOV
    Adjustable source to object and detector distances to optimize the geometry for a variety of resolutions and FOV needs
    2.1 um voxel / 5 um spatial resolution
    High-resolution geometry by the long source to detector distance
    200 mm FOV
    Offset scan mode doubles the effective detector size to cover a large FOV

    CT Lab HX Videos

    CT Lab HX Specifications

    Voxel resolution 2.1 — 100 μm
    Field of view (FOV) 5 — 200 mm
    Maximum sample size 200 mm diameter x 270 mm height
    Speed (shortest scan time) 18 sec
    Geometry Cone beam geometry
    X-ray source 39 W traditional microsource
    X-ray energy W anode, adjustable applied voltage 30 - 130 kV
    Detector Flat panel
    Detector pixel size 49.5 microns
    Detector size 2352 x 2944 pixels
    Dimensions 980 (W) x 580 (H) x 700 (D) mm (PC not included)
    Weight Approx. 380 kg

    CT Lab HX Options

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    X-ray CT image visualization, processing, segmentation, and quantitative analysis software


    X-ray CT image visualization, image processing, quantitative and dimensional analyses software

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