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Photo of Junichi Sato
Junichi Sato | Application Scientist

Rigaku Corporation | Tokyo, Japan

Junichi Satoh holds a PhD from Tokyo University of Agriculture in Bioscience and has been with Rigaku for 6 years. Junichi likes helping customers to find the best way to analyze their samples. He also maps development plans for future X-ray CT instruments and software. Want to learn more? Connect with Junichi Sato LinkedIn .


Photo of Angela Criswell
Angela Criswell | Senior Scientist

Rigaku Americas Corporation | Texas, USA

Angela holds a PhD from Rice University and has been with Rigaku for since January 2002. She started in the Macromolecular Crystallography Applications lab focusing on X-ray techniques to study structural biology. She has gained expertise in a number of X-ray methods in her tenure at Rigaku, including small angle X-ray scattering and X-ray computed tomography. Angela likes working with customers to find the best fit for their samples while addressing their specific experimental questions. Want to learn more? Connect with Angela Criswell LinkedIn .

Photo of Ted Huang
Ted Huang | CT Applications Scientist

Rigaku Americas Corporation | Texas, USA

Ted holds a PhD in Materials Engineering from Purdue University, where he utilized X-ray computed tomography as major analysis methodology for time-resolved structure-property correlation studies. His work involved extraterrestrial materials including meteorites and lunar dust from Apollo 11 mission. With experience ranging from lab-scale light source to synchrotron at Argonne National Laboratory, he is well versed at finding the best solution for tackling experimental questions and is excited to work on various samples with customers. Want to learn more? Connect with Ted Huang LinkedIn .

Photo of Viral Vaghela
Viral Vaghela | X-ray Imaging Account Manager

Rigaku Americas Corporation | Texas, USA

Viral graduated with a Bachelor of Chemistry from Worcester State University. For nine years, Viral has helped customers in the analytical instrumentation industry specializing in electrochemistry and material science. He loves working with high-tech instruments, test equipment, and software that can make our world a better place. He is passionate and relentless in providing the best customer experience and service for X-ray Imaging solutions Want to learn more? Connect with Viral Vaghela LinkedIn .

Europe, Middle East and Africa

Photo of Ramil Gainov
Ramil Gainov | Product Marketing Manager CT

Rigaku Europe SE (RESE) | Neu-Isenburg by Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Ramil Gainov holds a PhD in Condensed Matter Physics from Kazan Federal University. Ramil started his work in nuclear resonance spectroscopy (NMR, NQR) and gamma-ray spectroscopy (Mössbauer effect) applications, including the implementation of these instruments in industrial use, e.g. approbation of the miniaturised Mössbauer spectrometer MIMOS-II designed for NASA's Mars rovers for geological exploration. Since 2013, Ramil transitioned to polarisation techniques for neutron tomography and spectroscopy instruments, as well as X-ray computed tomography. Since 2017, Ramil is focused on various X-ray Imaging applications, as metals, batteries, ceramics, minerals, and hybrid materials. With experience ranging from lab-scale CT systems to large-scale reactor facility at Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin, Ramil is excited to work on finding the optimised solutions for customers and partners. Want to learn more? Connect with Ramil Gainov LinkedIn .

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