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  • PIN diode active area: 7 mm x 7 mm
  • Mode of operation: photovoltaic (unbiased)
  • Spectral range: 5 keV (T = 10%) – 27 keV (above 10% of peak sensitivity)
  • Light sensitivity: light tight
  • Design: A/V converter + digital voltmeter
  • Acquisition gain: 200 nA full scale, resolution 1 pA,
         (±) 400 nA (unipolar), res. 1 pA,
         20 μA full scale, resolution 0.1 nA,
         (±) 40 μA (unipolar), res. 0.1 nA
  • Readout noise: typ. < 1 pA
  • Internal filter: 1st order LPF
  • Output range: 0 to 2.5 V
  • Weight: 200 g (detector only), 850 g (with all accessories)

PIN diode based X-ray detector

From alignment of laboratory devices to long term monitoring of X-ray intensity


The Rigaku xPIN metrology detector is a PIN diode based EUV / X-ray detector featuring compact and flexible design ideal for various applications ranging from alignment and testing of laboratory devices to long term precision monitoring of X-ray intensity. Due to its affordable price and user friendly operation, it is an ideal professional tool that shouldn’t be missing in any X-ray laboratory or X-ray service engineer’s tool bag. The detector can be easily used as a hand-held monitor or can be used with the sensor head fixed to the optical bench. The detector has its own long life internal battery. Recharging or power supply operation can be done through standard USB cable from any USB device. While connected to PC the USB cable serves also for data transfer. Various sensor types and filter foils enable to use the Rigaku xPIN for a broad range of energies covering EUV to X-ray radiation.

Several diodes types available:

  • X-ray range air version
  • X-ray range vacuum compatible detector housing
  • EUV range – pulsed source
  • EUV range – continuous source
  • Other diode types available upon request
Product name xPIN
Technique EUV to X-ray radiation range detectable
Benefit X-ray alignment or intensity monitoring
Technology Photovoltaic (unbiased)
Core attributes Spectral range: 5 keV (T = 10%) – 27 keV 
Core options Pinholes, filters, mechanical adaptors, cables
Computer N/A
Core dimensions Varies with configuration
Mass (core unit) 0.2 kg
Power requirements Rechargeable battery 3.7 V, 1100 mAh,