Intelligent Goniometer Head 2 (IGH2)

    Motorized goniometer head with automated optical and X-ray object centering

    A minimal profile, automated goniometer head with built-in intelligence

    The IGH2 is the successor to our popular IGH and has been engineered for the highest reliability, accuracy and precision with a major goal of significantly reducing the bulk compared with existing solutions. The IGH2 manages to further reduce the size compared to IGH and the end result is the smallest detachable motorized goniometer head on the market which gives you convenience, safety and automation possibilities with the minimum impact on data collection strategies.

    Intelligent Goniometer Head 2 (IGH2) Overview

    Rigaku first offered a motorized goniometer head for the home lab, the Microglide, in 2004. Used both on Rigaku home lab instruments and on many synchrotron beamlines around the world, the Microglide was instrumental in changing the way cutting edge crystallography was performed. Today many beamlines operate in a hands-free way with users safely separated from the dangerous X-ray beam.

    Automated X-ray centering

    Now with encoded motors inside, the IGH2 expands on the capabilities of its predecessor with automated X-ray centering. The goniometer performs scans at different grid points in order to reliably determine the point where the highest diffracted intensity is observed. X-ray centering is assisted by optical information to minimize scanning time.

    Automated optical object centering

    For any truly automated system, reliably getting the sample centered in the X-ray beam without user input is essential. While older approaches used basic loop centering, or scanning through the X-ray beam, the IGH2 uses the latest in optical image recognition techniques to detect sample holder presence, recognize the crystal and center, not just the loop, but objects found within them. This fast approach minimizes dead time and avoids use of X-rays on sensitive samples and allows unattended data collection of an entire queue of samples when used in conjunction with a sample mounting robot like the ACTOR 2 system.

    Point & Click centering manual control

    For a more manual approach, click on whatever you want to bring to the center of the goniometer and the IGH2 will move it into the beam. The IGH2 also allows fully manual movements for fine- tuning centering or handling more unusual cases.

    Built-in magnetic mount

    For compatibility with commonly used sample mount standards including SPINE and ALS the IGH2 comes with a built-in magnetic mount. Such mounts are commonly used by both small molecule and macromolecular crystallographers and automated systems such as the ACTOR system for automatic sample mounting. Conveniently, integrating the magnet also helps keep the size of the IGH2 to an absolute minimum.

    Single or dual camera operation

    Should you have an instrument supplied with dual video microscopes, the IGH2 is able to take advantage of both of them for faster centering without the need for rotations to get extra images. This allows centering to be completed typically within only 29 seconds. In a single camera setup, all that’s needed is a simple 90° phi rotation to get all the visual information needed.

    Intelligent Goniometer Head 2 (IGH2) Features

    Automatic X-ray centering
    Reliable automated sample centering using optical object centering
    Hands-free, closed cabinet centering
    Minimized collision zone
    Use your existing mounts
    Centering in as little as 6 seconds

    Intelligent Goniometer Head 2 (IGH2) Specifications

    Supported mounts SPINE- or ALS-compatible bases
    Centering modes Automatic sample recognition, point-and-click, manual, X-ray
    Movement ranges X ±1.5 mm; Y ±1.5 mm; Z ±1.5 mm
    Movement speed 1.5 mm/s
    Positioning accuracy < 5 μm
    Sample recognition Optical image recognition
    Dimensions 42 mm (base diameter)
    54 mm (height)
    Software control CrysAlisPro

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