EIGER2 R series

Photon counting X-ray detectors offering high energy X-ray detection and/or large area

X-ray detectors for single crystal X-ray diffraction

HPC detectors are direct-detection, single-photon counting devices that have essentially no noise yet high sensitivity. The EIGER2 R series is the latest generation of HPC detectors from DECTRIS that with a small 75 µm pixel size for excellent spatial resolution and sensors in cadmium telluride (CdTe) or silicon (Si) for different applications.

EIGER2 R series Overview

EIGER2 R detectors come with a choice of CdTe or Si sensors. For those cases where higher-energy (e.g., Ag) radiation is primarily used, e.g., high-pressure or charge-density research, CdTe sensors allow researchers to shorten experiment times providing data of equivalent quality to the well-established Si sensors but in less time.

On Rigaku instruments, EIGER2 R is offered in 2 sizes: The EIGER2 R 1M (active area: 77.2 mm x 79.9 mm) and EIGER2 R 4M (active area: 155.2 mm x 162.5 mm). The EIGER2 R 1M is typically offered as a CdTe detector for small molecule crystallographers whereas the EIGER2 4M is generally used for applications where wide coverage is needed in a flat detector configuration, e.g., macromolecular crystallography. The EIGER2 R detectors deliver high count rates with continuous readout, achieving duty cycles greater than 99% thanks to a global electronic shutter. The EIGER2 R 1M and 4M detectors have small (75 μm) pixels with a single pixel point spread function to provide superior resolving power for reflections from samples with long unit cells, like macromolecules. Smaller pixels mean closer detector distances are possible which in turn means more data per image and faster experiments.

EIGER2 R series Features

Sensor: CdTe or Si reverse-biased pixel array
Dual thresholds
Dynamic range: 32-bits
Maximum count rate 5 x 10⁶ X-ray photons/sec
Water cooled

EIGER2 R series Specifications

Technique Single crystal X-ray diffraction
Benefit Fast, sensitive photon counting detector
Technology Hybrid Photon Counting (HPC) X-ray detector
Attributes Water-cooled HPC detector
Computer External PC, MS Windows® OS

EIGER2 R series Application Notes

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