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Compact X-ray Diffractometer MiniFlex XpC

Summer 2022 Volume 38, No. 2

X-ray diffraction (XRD) has traditionally been utilized mainly in the R&D field. Recently, however, opportunities to use XRD in the QA/QC field are increasing since the XRD technique has become easier to use with the popularization of desktop X-ray diffractometers and high-speed 1D semiconductor strip detectors (1D SSD). Rigaku has marked another step in this trend by announcing the MiniFlex XpC, a compact X-ray diffractometer optimized for QA/QC, utilizing the X-ray technologies cultivated in the company’s 70-year history.

There are three requirements for the manufacturing environment: 1. shorter measurement time, 2. better operability, and 3. higher durability. The MiniFlex XpC meets these requirements thanks to its downsized X-ray generator (XG), high-speed 1D SSD D/teX Ultra 250 detector, a new sample loading function, software optimized for QA/QC, connectivity with a third-party automation system, a high-precision theta-theta goniometer, and so forth.


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