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    Beneath The Surface: X-ray Analyses of Battery Materials and Structures 2. How to Run in Operando XRD Experiments

    Did you know that you can collect XRD data while charging/discharging a lithium-ion battery (LIB)?

    Despite the significant advancement of LIB technology, further improvements and optimizations are still required to solve challenges such as energy density, cycle life, and safety. In operando XRD can help us gain a fundamental understanding of the reaction mechanisms in physical and chemical processes during LIB operation.

    In the webinar, you will learn the best practices, how to prepare samples, and the best ways to configure your in operando XRD experiments. You will see both application examples of liquid and solid-state electrolyte batteries.

    Presenter: Keisuke Saito
    Rigaku Americas Corporation
    Director of Application Science
    Co-presenter: Tim Bradow
    Rigaku Americas Corporation
    Sr. Business Development Manager
    Head of Global Marketing Communications

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