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Pharmalytical Summit 2021 - Drug Discovery 3. Introducing the XtaLAB Synergy Flow for Pharmaceuticals

The XtaLAB Synergy Flow turns any Synergy cabinet diffractometer into an automated, high-throughput machine by incorporating a 6-axis UR3 Universal Robot and a 3-puck dewar. The Flow system can automatically screen and collect 48 crystal samples with minimal human intervention. CrysAlisPro has been upgraded with tools to control all aspects of robotics and sample queuing. A unique X-ray safe dewar-drawer system allows loading and unloading of pucks without opening the X-ray enclosure or disturbing data collection. Ultimately, the XtaLAB Synergy Flow system is the perfect solution to allow full-time use of your diffractometer during a time when human interaction and contamination must be minimized.

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