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Superior data quality achieved with the XtaLAB Synergy-i, microfocus Mo source

AppNote SMX011 Single crystal X-ray diffraction using molybdenum X-ray radiation


Mo Kα radiation is ideal for evaluating large crystal samples, crystals that contain several heavy atoms and crystal samples that are densely packed with heavy atoms. Some examples of such crystals include: minerals, metal clusters or other inorganic materials like perovskites. By studying these sample types using Mo Kα radiation it is possible to reduce absorption effects and achieve better data quality overall. In addition to studying highly absorbing samples it is also possible to obtain high resolution datasets using Mo Kα radiation and perform charge density measurements. Through sophisticated charge density refinements it is possible to determine the bond connectivity and electron placement for a particular crystal structure in more detail.

Single crystal X-ray diffraction using molybdenum X-ray radiation

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