Rigaku Analytical Devices Awarded Funding for Year 3 of its R&D Contract from the TSA to Enhance Raman Technology for Screening

CQL Max-ID spectrometerWilmington, Massachusetts, USA, April 1, 2024 – Rigaku Analytical Devices, a pioneer in developing handheld 1064 nm Raman analyzers, has been awarded a third year of an optional three-year research and development contract from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) as part of their Alarm Resolution Program (ARP). The contract seeks to optimize screening equipment to provide near-term improvements of security operations and capabilities for resolving explosive and non-explosive prohibited item alarms at airport checkpoints. Rigaku was originally awarded a firm fixed-price contract in September of 2021, having a one-year base period of performance with two option years for a total funding opportunity of $1.6 million. The TSA Alarm Resolution Program was formed in 2018 when the TSA identified capability gaps in primary screening procedures and the need to evaluate next-generation solutions. ARP solutions will improve upon current capabilities, including increasing the types of substances that can be identified.

While not yet in use in TSA airports, the Rigaku CQL series of handheld Raman analyzers are in use around the world to analyze unknown substances. By utilizing 1064 nm Raman technology, Rigaku CQL analyzers have the ability to analyze dirty, colored or mixed materials – even through translucent packaging – without fluorescence interference. With a library that contains explosives, chemical warfare agents, hazardous chemicals, narcotics, as well as precursor chemicals, the Rigaku CQL product line can be used by border security, law enforcement, the military, public safety officials, or first responders to identify chemical threats. 

“The extension of this contract into its third year allows the Rigaku Raman technology continued field data collections to enhance and test the technology,” said Mathew Lynch, President of Rigaku Analytical Devices. “This is an exciting opportunity for Rigaku and we look forward to addressing the changing threats to aviation security with our solutions.”

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