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Sulfur SAD phasing of thaumatin in 10 minutes

AppNote PX026: Sulfur SAD phasing of thaumatin in 10 minutes with the HyPix-Arc 150° and XtaLAB Synergy-DW


T. danielli Thaumatin, a sweet-tasting protein often used as a sweetner, features an axis of ~150 Å. It is well characterised by protein crystallography and makes a good candidate for testing new equipment as it becomes available. Recently Rigaku Oxford Diffraction introduced a new detector - the HyPix-Arc 150°. The new detector provides extremely high theta coverage which can be used for fast collection of Friedel pairs. The detector features HPC technology for the highest accuracy of intensity measurement for both weak and strong signal ensuring that anomalous signal is well measured for S-SAD phasing applications. This note demonstrates fast S-SAD phasing of T. danielli Thaumatin.

PX026 Sulfur SAD phasing of thaumatin in 10 minutes

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