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Single Crystal Online Users’ Meeting

Single Crystal Online Users’ Meeting

We would like to invite you to join us for our annual user meetings on 12th and 13th August. Due to travel restrictions currently affecting many countries, we will hold this event via Zoom and it will therefore be available globally. The event will be held between 3 PM and 6 PM CEST (8 AM-11 AM CDT) and cover a range of topics including the latest developments at Rigaku Oxford Diffraction and talks from our experienced applications team. As always our user meetings are open to all users of our single crystal products.

We would also like to maintain the customer speaker element of our user meetings and as such we would like to invite proposals from our user community if you would be interested in contributing a presentation.


Time (CEST)   Presenter   Title
15:00‑15:20   Mathias Meyer
  CrysAlisPro v41: Latest developments
15:20‑15:40   Bernhard Spingler
University of Zurich
  Single crystal growth of small molecules with the help of robots: a new age for chemists?
15:40‑16:00   Xiaoping Wang
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  Sample screening and alignment for single crystal neutron diffraction
16:00‑16:20   Alex Slawin
St. Andrews
  An outlier's guide to practical crystallography
16:20‑16:40       BREAK
16:40‑17:00   Alain Beauparlant &
Cassandra Eagle
East Tennessee State University
  Sugar and Epsom Salt Single Crystal Crystallography as Undergraduate Laboratory Experiments with Options for Virtual Delivery
17:00‑17:20   John Bacsa
Emory University
  Combined Multipole and Non-Spherical Atom Refinements in Olex2 and MoPro
17:20‑17:40   Carla Slebodnick
Virginia Tech
  High Pressure Crystallography at Virginia Tech
17:40‑18:00   Mark DelCampo
  Tackling Long Unit Cells with CrysAlisPro
Time (CEST)   Presenter   Title
15:00‑15:20   Jakub Wojciechowski
  Automation news: Software and hardware updates
15:20‑15:40   Yael Diskin-Posner
Weissmann Institute
  Molecular Switches Acting in Tandem with Nano cages
15:40‑16:00   Christian Göb
  Crystal Sponge Method
16:00‑16:20   Jared Allred
University of Alabama
  A sudden collapse from 3D to 2D ordering in rutile V₁₋ₓMₓO₂ (M = Nb, Mo)" revealed using X-ray diffuse scattering
16:20‑16:40       BREAK
16:40‑17:00   Fraser White
  HPC detectors and Rotating Anodes for the highest performance instrumentation
17:00‑17:20   Christian Schürmann
  Excellent data for experimental charge-density analysis – How to achieve the best data quality with contemporary hardware
17:20‑17:40   Joseph Ferrara
  How Low Can You Go? Exploring the Lower Limit of Crystal Size on a Home X-ray Source
17:40‑18:00   Kenneth Shankland
  Sweet like chocolate - an unexpected polymorph of lactose
Fraser White