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X-ray Diffraction Single Crystal Online Users' Meeting

X-ray Diffraction Single Crystal Online Users' Meeting


We would like to invite you to join us for our single crystal users' meeting to be held on April 7-8, 2021. The meeting will be held online via Zoom and will take place at 14.00-17.00 GMT on both days to allow our users from across Europe and the Americas to attend. 

We will have talks from our applications team as well as from some of our customers. We aim to make our users' meetings a valuable educational experience for all those who attend, so if you’d like to learn more about your diffractometer, recent and upcoming developments and meet others in our community please join us by registering below.

Date/time (CDT)
Date/Time (CDT) - Session 2

Tentative Agenda (subject to change)

Wednesday 7th April

Mathias Meyer
CrysAlisPro v41: New features 14:00–14:20
Fraser White
Product updates from Rigaku 14:20–14:40
Michael Bodensteiner
University of Regensburg   
Short stories about strong sources and strange wavelengths 14:40–15:00
René Boeré
Lethbridge University
First experiences with NoSpherA2 refinement of structures determined on our SuperNova/Dual/Pilatus 200K diffractometer 15:00–15:20
BREAK 15:20–15:40
Richard Staples
Michigan State University
The good, the challenging and the fast 15:40–1600
Pierre LeMagueres
Routine powder XRD analysis on the XtaLAB Synergy-S 16:00–16:20
Michael Shatruk
Florida State University
Rigaku Synergy-S provides insight into crystal structures of new paramagnetic semiconductors 16:20–16:40
Joseph Ferrara
Analyzing PDF data from the XtaLAB Synergy 16:40–17:00

Thursday 8th April

Akihito Yamano
Rigaku and JEOL microED collaboration: Progress and early results. 14:00–14:20
Horst Puschmann
OlexSys Ltd.
Olex2: Best Practices 14:20–14:40
Christian Göb 
Crystalline sponge method 14:40–15:00
George Whitehead
University of Manchester 
Making the tricky, routine – 4 years with an FR-X 15:00–15:20
BREAK 15:20–15:40
Christian Schürmann
Intensity vs. redundancy - How to achieve best data quality with limited time 15:40–1600
Christos Malliakas
Northwestern University
Modulations in metal-oxides 16:00–16:20
Mark DelCampo
SAXS in the home lab using the BioSAXS-2000nano 16:20–16:40
Jakub Wojciechowski
Example datasets collected with the PhotonJet-S(Ag) source and HyPix-6000HE detector 16:40–17:00