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Rigaku School for Practical Crystallography – Asia Pacific

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Due to the popularity of the June edition of this school, we have decided to run a second class but at a more convenient time for those in the Asia Pacific region. Based on feedback from the June edition we have added content including crystallization and face indexing and expanded the data collection and finalization lectures. In order to keep to the 10-day schedule, we have eliminated the special topics lectures on macromolecular crystallography and general purpose X-ray diffraction. However, these two lectures are recorded and will be available on the Rigaku X-ray Forum.

A lot of our younger members of the scientific community will be missing out on some opportunities for learning crystallography at schools and conferences this summer, so you are invited to a series of tuition-free, ten 1-hour webinars on practical aspects of X-ray crystallography. The majority of the time will be spent on small molecule crystallography but we will also air sessions on macromolecular crystallography and powder diffraction.

This is a great opportunity for people who are interested in crystallography to gain a basic foundation of single crystal analysis from a practical point of view.

The series runs July 6th - 17th, 2020 at 6 am CDT every weekday. (Use this Time Zone converter to determine your local time.)

We also recognize that some members of the community may not be able to join the live lectures by Zoom. We will make recordings of the lessons available for download shortly after the lectures so that students can keep up with the school and take the exam in the same manner as those who attended the live lectures. However, in order to take the exam and receive a certificate of achievement you will need to register for the school at the link below.

We hope that you both enjoy and gain something from this School and look forward to meeting you, virtually.