Rigaku at the DESY Photon Science Users´ Meeting

Rigaku Innovative Technologies is very happy to meet you at the DESY Photon Science Users´ Meeting. Dr. Paul Pennartz will be present throughout the meeting and welcomes you to a discussion.

RIT offers single film, multilayer and crystal optics for synchrotron beamlines and end-stations. Coatings can be made on customer furnished substrates or on new substrates we provide as part of the product. RIT now also cleans and recoats old optics to either retask the optic for a new application or to refurbish or repair the coatings to get enhanced performance. More details can be found below.

Dr. Paul U. Pennartz

Our optics are engineered, coated and manufactured to the meet or exceed the most stringent optical specifications while maintaining the most versatility of all commercially available optics. Options include single or multiwavelength coatings, periodic or graded (depth, lateral, radial or bilateral) d-spacing over flat, cylindrical, spherical, aspherical, parabolic or elliptical shapes with sizes ranging from 0.3 mm to 1.5 meters. All optics shown on this page collect and either focus or collimate only the desired wavelength from divergent X-ray sources providing fast, accurate data collection in a home lab environment.

Wavelength Range:dmin = 9 Å
Number of Period:Nmax = 1000
Spectral Resolution:    λ = 0.2 Å – 300 Å, E = 40 eV – 60k eV
Multilayer Period:Δλ/λ = 0.2% (high-selective), 20% (depth-graded)
Size:up to 1.5 meter length, ~ 700 mm diameter
Materials:  W/Si, W/C, Ni/Ti, Ni/B₄C, Ni/C, Cr/C, Cr/Sc, Mo/Si, Mo/B₄C, La/B, V/C, Ru/B₄C, Al₂O₃/B₄C, SiC/Si, Si/C, SiC/C, Fe/Si, Cr/B₄C, Si/B₄C, W/Mg₂Si, V/B₄C, Ti/B₄C, Au/B₄C, Ni, Pt, Au, Ru, W, etc.
Design:Uniform or Graded: lateral, radial, bilateral (2D)
Depth Graded: supermirror & high-selective
Flat or Curved
Glancing (<1º) to Normal

Diamond Light Source (DLS) planned for their beamline I15-1 a new monochromator system. At I15-1 the atomic pair distribution functions (PDF) using scattering of 40-80 keV X-rays is measured. A unique optical focusing element was requested to condense the X-rays from an initial large cross section (11.0 mm H × 4.2 mm V) into a required spot size of FWHM 680 μm (H) × 20 μm (V) at a variable position between the sample and the detector.

Together with Cinel (Strumenti Scientifici s.r.l.) and SESO (Thales SESO SAS) we developed a solution consisting of a 1m long silicon substrate with 16 piezoelectric bimorph actuators to adjust the reflective surface shape. The surface was coated with three multilayer stripes for the energies 40.0, 65.4, and 76.6 keV. One single stripe selects X-rays of each energy. A focal spot size of vertical width < 15 µm could be obtained at three different positions over a 0.92 m range, with fast, easy switching from one focal position to another.

Read the publication: 1 m long multilayer-coated deformable piezoelectric bimorph mirror for adjustable focusing of high-energy X-rays.

Bendable elliptical 3 stripe ML optics RIT produced for Diamond Light Source metrology results

Reflectivity and d-spacing (graded) for adaptation of elliptical mirror in the metrology measurements at Rigaku

The Canadian Light Source (CLS) planned for the VESPERS beamline a double multilayer monochromator (DMM) with three stripes on each silicon single crystal substrate. The goal was to achieve bandwith for high resolution - natural reflection width Si (111), medium resolution bandpass - 1.6% Mo/B₄C coating - and broad resolution bandpass - 10% Mo/B₄C coating. We combined all this three regions on one substrate.

The challenge for us was the different surface preparation processes needed for pure single crystal reflection and ML coating.

Striped wideband Double Multilayer Monochromator DMM for VESPERS beamline at CLS. Some design details and metrology

Shape and design details of substrates

Reflectivity measured with Rigaku metrology for the two stripes
Partial List of Synchrotron Customers

To produce fine and high-end multilayer coatings, surface quality of substrates – besides other parameters - and the monitoring of these parameters are key to success and quality. Therefore we have a well-equipped metrology department, where we can inhouse check for example surface quality from 10⁻⁶ to 10² µm⁻¹ roughness.

We can check in our metrology department reflectivity of our coatings and other optical parameters. Our inhouse metrology is calibrated against a wide range of synchrotron energies by cross checks with different sources world wide.

Rigaku Innovative Technologies has a broad toolset for in-house metrology. Here some examples:

Cu-Kα diffractometers (λ=1.54 Å): this is one of three instruments
used for ML reflectivity testing

XRF spectrometer (λ > ~5 Å) for elemental analysis

Calibration - + witness samples by CXRO

30+ years data for correlation between Cu-Kα and other wavelength measurements through collaborations at CXRO & NIST, CHESS, PTB, ALS, Diamond, Dessy, Bessy, BNL, NewSUBARU, SPring8

3D optical profilometer

AFM system and results

Different Rigaku metrology tools from 10⁻⁶ to 10² µm⁻¹

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