XRR, EDXRF, and XRD Metrology Tool

For composition and thickness (EDXRF), thickness, density, and roughness (XRR) for unpatterned and patterned films for up to 300 mm wafers

For thin-film applications, precise measurements of small areas are obtained, and high brightness is achieved in localized spots.

The Rigaku XTRAIA MF-3000 (formerly MFM310) performs high-precision measurements not possible by optical or ultrasonic techniques. This sophisticated X-ray metrology tool makes it practical to perform high-throughput measurements on product and blanket wafers ranging from ultrathin single-layer films to multilayer stacks.

XTRAIA MF-3000 Overview

Designed for high-volume manufacturing

The XTRAIA MF-3000 is designed with high-volume 200 mm and 300 mm manufacturing in mind: high-throughput thickness measurement by XRR and XRF, low-contamination wafer handling and pattern recognition-based position control for product wafer measurements, CE Marking and S2/S8 Compliance for semiconductor production clean room operation, compliance with GEM300/HSMS and factory automation standards, high-reliability machine performance and low power consumption and cost of ownership.

COLORS enabling technology

COLORS X-ray optics were developed by Rigaku for the XTRAIA MF-3000 to enable measurements from small areas. COLORS beam modules couple a variety of XRF excitation sources with optics and are optimized to provide high brightness in small spots for a variety of thin film applications. With its own X-ray optics business, Rigaku is well-positioned develop and manufacture X-ray sources for current and future market needs.

XTRAIA MF-3000 Features

Micro-spot X-ray beams and pattern recognition
High-throughput product-wafer measurements
Wide range of materials and applications
High-resolution and precision covering thicknesses from Ångstroms to microns
For 200 mm and 300 mm wafers
Available with 300 mm factory automation
Design based on SEMI S2 and SEMI S8

XTRAIA MF-3000 Videos

XTRAIA MF-3000 Specifications

Technique X-ray reflectometry (XRR), energy dispersive X-ray rluorescence (EDXRF), X-ray diffraction (XRD)
Benefit High-throughput measurement of blanket and product wafers from ultra-thin films to micron-order films, applicable to a wide range of thickness and film types
Technology Process micro-spot XRR, EDXRF, and XRD
Attributes Blanket and patterned wafer metrology
Choice of monochromatic, micro-spot X-ray beam modules (COLORS)
Features Ultra-fast detector with up to 10⁸ dynamic range
Dual FOUP load ports
Options GEM300 software, E84/OHT support
Dimensions 1400 (W) x 2050 (H) x 3410 (D) mm
Measurement results EDXRF: Film thickness and composition
XRR:      Film thickness, density, and roughness

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