Rigaku's X-ray, Raman, and thermal analysis instruments serve in a wide range of industries for diverse applications, providing you with new perspectives

Nanotechnology & materials science

The short wavelength of X-rays makes them a perfect probe for atomic-level materials characterization, while their great penetration power enables nondestructive micron-scale object imaging.

Material science research

XRF, XRD, and SAXS techniques enable detailed elemental, structural, and morphological analyses in diverse fields like biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering.

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While XRD provides atomic-level structural information, SAXS reveals nano-scale structures and morphologies.

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Advanced & new materials

Rigaku has been partnering with industry leaders for decades to develop new techniques, including XRD, XRF, SAXS, and CT, to push the limit and serve advanced and new material development.

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Semiconductor and electronic devices

X-ray analyses provide a wide range of metrology solutions from Lab to Fab.

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X-ray Metrology for semiconductor and electronics manufacturing. Precise measurement aids in quality control and process optimization, reducing defects and driving innovation. It enables materials development, prototyping, and device performance characterization, advancing manufacturing processes and driving electronic device evolution.

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Electronic devices
Electronic devices

We provide advanced analytical technology for electronics research and quality control. Our solutions ensure safe, efficient and trustworthy products. From wafer fabrication to PCB assembly, our cutting-edge tools optimize processes and maintain the highest quality standards every step of the way.

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Biotechnology & life science

X-ray, Raman, and other analytical techniques provide a wide range of perspectives spanning from the atomic scale molecular structures to imaging of entire organisms.


From drug discovery to quality control, XRD, XRF, and electron diffraction techniques contribute to the pharmaceutical industry by solving protein crystal structures or identifying heavy metals in the final products.

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Life science research

X-ray and electron diffractometers play a critical role in life science by solving protein and small molecule structures. X-ray scattering is used to study the nanometer to submicron scale shape factors. Furthermore, molecular imaging systems support pre-clinical studies.

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Biotechnology research often requires interdisciplinary studies and a wide variety of analytical techniques. Rigaku provides XRD, XRF, SAXS, and CT to cover the crystal structure, chemical composition, morphology, and micron-level three-dimensional structure analyses.

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Environment & energy

X-ray analyses enable detailed materials characterization in R&D and elemental composition and contaminants monitoring in production and environment protection.


XRD can illustrate the atomic-level structural changes in electrodes during the charging and discharging process, while X-ray CT allows non-destructive 3D imaging, providing essential insight into packaged battery failure analysis.

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Mining and refining

XRF for elemental analysis and XRD for mineralogical phase quantification are both essential tools in the mining and refining industries throughout raw materials evaluation, R&D, and process control.

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Environment & pollution

XRF can easily analyze heavy metals to monitor contaminated sediments, soils, air, and water and classify recycling materials. Our XRF systems meet the US EPA requirements for heavy metal concentrations (RCRA metals) and the EU environmental regulations of RoHS/WEEE.

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X-ray analyses are essential in ensuring materials' strength and durability


XRF and XRD analyses help you understand the detailed characteristics of raw materials and products, contributing to process optimization and quality control. Our benchtop, floor-standing, and automated instruments meet international standards, such as ASTM.

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In asphalt materials development and quality control, elemental analysis by XRF and mineralogical phase analysis by XRD play a crucial role, providing insights about the formulation of asphalt mixes for required strength and durability.

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Safety & security

Handheld Raman spectrometers identify chemical threats and X-ray analysis provide detailed investigation of forensic evidence.

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Drug, hazmat & explosive screening

When facing unknown chemicals that pose a potential risk, access to fast and accurate identification technology to mitigate the threat is critical. Handheld Raman analyzers provide fast and confident analysis, while keeping the user safe from exposure.

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X-ray analyses are essential in legal investigations, analyzing Pb and Cu residues from bullet holes or minerals in soil samples. While our handheld Raman analyzers are accepted as a Class A Analytical Technique by SWGDRUG for narcotics analysis.

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Academic research

Benchtop X-ray instruments are great tools for teaching, and a wide variety of optics and detectors provide the necessary data quality and speed for synchrotron experiments.

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Our wide variety of benchtop XRD, XRF, and X-ray imaging instruments are robust and easy to maintain. They are widely used for teaching fundamental analytical techniques.

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Our advanced optics, detectors, and automated sample handling match the synchrotron X-ray beam's unique characteristics and brightness.

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