Semiconductor and Electronic Devices

Rigaku offers advanced X-ray metrology and imaging solutions for non‑destructive testing, high-resolution imaging, and material characterization for semiconductors and electronic devices.

X-ray metrology is the silent hero in semiconductor and electronic device manufacturing, providing non-destructive testing, high-resolution imaging, material characterization, quality control, surface contamination analysis, process optimization, wafer inspection, and advanced packaging analysis. Discover Rigaku solutions to optimize manufacturing processes, ensure product reliability and quality, and perform failure analysis of electronic devices

Semiconductor and electronic devices

X-ray metrology tools and analytical instruments for R&D and high-volume manufacturing of semiconductors and electronic devices

X-ray metrology tools from Lab to Fab

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Semiconductor and electronics manufacturing rely heavily on metrology for quality control, accurate measurements, and process optimization. It guarantees reliability, reduces defects, and drives innovation in materials, designs, and fabrication techniques. Semiconductor metrology enables precise measurement and analysis of materials and devices, ensuring adherence to specifications in manufacturing, aiding in defect troubleshooting, and characterizing device performance. In R&D, it facilitates materials development, prototyping, and innovation, advancing manufacturing processes, and ultimately driving the evolution of electronic devices.

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Electronic devices

We offer advanced analytical technology for electronics research and quality control. Our solutions provide material analysis, identification, and quantitation capabilities, ensuring safe, efficient, and trustworthy products. Our technology offers proven material analysis, accurate identification, and unmatched quantitation. From research and development to quality control, our cutting-edge solutions optimize processes and elevate the quality of your electronic products. Our comprehensive suite of analytical tools are tailored specifically for the electronics segment. From wafer fabrication to PCB assembly, our cutting-edge solutions empower you to optimize processes and ensure the highest quality standards every step of the way.

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