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  Product line Release date
Introduction of Our Sustainability Activities Page May 15, 2024
Sponsorship of "Japan Physics Society Jr. Session" and Rigaku Prize Award May 13, 2024
Paper using data from Rigaku's XtaLAB Synergy-ED published in prestigious journal Science Electron Diffraction Feb 21, 2024

Press Releases

  Product line Release date
Rigaku Analytical Devices Partners with Leading Supplier of Products and Services to the Pharmaceutical Industry Raman Jun 17, 2024
Rigaku Conducts Elemental Analysis of a Sample Obtained by NASA of the Asteroid Bennu WDXRF May 8, 2024
Rigaku Analytical Devices Awarded Funding for Year 3 of its R&D Contract from the TSA to Enhance Raman Technology for Screening Raman Mar 31, 2024
Rigaku Opens Taiwan Branch to Enhance Collaboration and Innovation Mar 11, 2024
Applied Rigaku Technologies introduces NEX CG II+, the most powerful indirect excitation EDXRF spectrometer for an entirely new level of analytical capabilities EDXRF Feb 24, 2024
Growth of Patent Family for DD, Rigaku Unique Technology XRD Jan 31, 2024
Rigaku Announces Grant Assistance Program to Help Support Illicit Narcotics Interdiction Raman Jan 31, 2024
Rigaku Analyzes Samples Collected By NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Thermal Analysis Jan 10, 2024
Rigaku Launches New Handheld Analyzer to Combat the Dangerous Illicit Drug Supply Market Raman Sep 27, 2023
New Materials Characterization Hub at University of Glasgow to Acquire Rigaku Electron Diffractometer Single Crystal Aug 15, 2023